Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I create an account?
    Just log in, an account will be created automatically.
  • What patch is Celestius based on?
    The patch level for Celestius is v1.100 and some cherry-picked later changes described here.
    Please visit the charplanner for an overview.
  • What are blood tokens, what are they used for?
    Blood tokens are the currency which most of the items are purchased with on Celestius.
    They can be earned by killing players, high level monsters or taking keeps/relics.
    Blood tokens and the items bought with them are not tradable.
    Blood tokens can be put in the account vault and transferred to other characters on the same accounts.
  • Will gold be used for anything?
  • Are there Champion Levels on Celestius?
    Players have health pools as CL15 and the most important CL abilities are available.
  • How does the porting system work in Old Frontiers?
    Defending realm will have the ability to teleport to the inner keep in the central zone if they own it (Berkstead / Glenlock / nGed).
    Invading realms will be able to port to random locations in Briefine / Pennine Mountains / Jamtland Mountains.
  • What is the purpose of Crauchon / Benowyc / Bledmeer?
    The realm controlling this keep will receive additional realm points while fighting in the corresponding frontier.
  • How does relics work?
    Enemy relics must be captured in your own relic keeps of the correct type (strength/magic).
    The players participating in the capture will receive 10k RPs, 3k tokens, 2 hour persistant RP buff and ML10 credit (if needed).
    The realm that "loses" their relic will automatically regain all keeps in their frontier, and doors/guards/lord will be healed to full/respawn.
  • How many artifacts can my character equip?
    Currently there is limit of 3 for artifacts and astral equipment.
    Weapons do not count towards the limit.
    Artifact scrolls are tradable but activated artifacts are not.
  • How do i connect to Celestius?
    Please visit How to play and follow the instructions. If there is any problems please contact a member of staff.
  • Is there a realm timer?
  • Will there be any buff potions?
    A buffbot npc will be at each rvr zone (mpk, apk, hpk and border keeps) along with buffbot /use's to replenish any missing buffs when you or the group are out of combat for a period of time. The buffbot npc buffs are capped too.
  • Can buffbot npc buffs be sheared?
    Yes, all buffs that are not casted on yourself can be sheared.
  • Does cast speed formula have break points?
    No, the formula is linear.
  • How much composite weapon skill do I need?
    Your level+1 is ideal. That means 51 at level 50.
  • What run speed bonuses exists?
    Minstrel, Skald and Bard will provide the strongest run speed buffs. ("Speed 6" when sprinting)
    Sorcerer, Theurgist, Healer, Runemaster, Enchanter and Warden will provide secondary speed.
    Hastener exists at all keeps and villages, and will provide secondary speed.
    Players can obtain a /use item that will grant them secondary speed.
    There are no player horses.
  • Why are merchants inside walls at the border keeps?
    You may have reused a client from another freeshard. Please patch to live and then patch to celestius.
  • I have bad stuttering/lag?
    If your computer has a NVidia graphics card please try downgrading your driver to 471.68