The sky has fallen. The realms of Hibernia, Albion, and Midgard have been invaded by the hoards of Atlantis and they have set up camp in the far regions of our homelands. They must be defeated...

This server includes the fun of ToA abilities, without the old school grind. Blood Tokens are the end game currency used to purchase all end game gear (Artifacts, MLs, Astral/Dragon items, etc). Whether you like to grind away in the safety of the PvE zones or RvR in Old Frontiers, you will receive Blood Tokens doing both.

We anticipate leveling to 50 to take approximately 10-20 hours played. At that point, the RoG gear received will make up a complete “classic template” with 75 stats, 26 resists, 11 skills. However, the remaining ToA stats and bonuses are gained via the "Atlantis Ring” which can be further upgraded using Blood Tokens.

The following is a breakdown of the server ruleset.

  • Old Frontiers, with enhanced porting features.
  • New Frontiers style RA’s and RR5 abilities
  • Up to 101/101 stats, 400 hits, and ToA bonuses
  • Many QoL Improvements (buff NPCs in both PvE and RvR, speed charges, and more)
  • The Atlantis Ring, ML credit, Artifacts are all purchasable via the Blood Token currency
  • Master Level credit obtainable by killing Dragon, Legion, or capturing a relic
  • The Atlantis Ring obtainable by killing Medusa (epic encounter)
  • No realm timer
  • No templating time sink as crafting is not needed

The above is subject to changes based on the feedback we receive.