• Hatespeech
    No racism, sexism or any other kind of discrimination against groups
    This includes but is not limited to, Discord/Ingame chat and Guild/Character names.
  • Accounts
    You can have multiple accounts
    You can share your accounts

    If an offense is detected on account we don't care who owns the account, the account is liable.
  • Dual/multi-logging
    As long as all characters are played manually. Scripting or input broadcasting is not allowed.

    No keystroke broadcasting or any other tool.
    AHK is allowed with no looping, delays
  • Third-party software
    Reshade & AHK is allowed with no looping or delays. Otherwise third-party software should be considered disallowed.

    Please be aware that Celestius will monitor for any third party software programs deemed to be disruptive to the game server. Players caught with third party software will be punished.